Council minutes & agendas

The Council meets, normally, on the second Tuesday of each month, alternately at Knucklas Community Centre and Felindre Village Hall. Agendas are provided below about a week in advance and can be obtained from the Clerk.

Here are minutes of recent meetings, agenda of next meeting and various other documents.

For other documents contact the clerk – see home page for contact details.

(NOTE: you will need a PDF reader to view these files. We recommend Foxit Reader which can be installed from here: Foxit reader)

Minutes 2015

Accounts 2015-16 Budget v actual and fund balances at 1st april 2015

Register of members interests from May 2015

BCC MINUTES 8th December 2015

BCC MINUTES 8th December 2015-1

BCC MINUTES 11th November 2015

BCC MINUTES 13th October 2015

BCC MINUTES 8th September 2015

BCC MINUTES 14th July 2015

BCC MINUTES 9th June 2015

BCC MINUTES 12th May 2015

BCC MINUTES 14th April 2015

BCC MINUTES 10th March_2015

BCC MINUTES 10th February 2015

BCC MINUTES 13th January 2015

Minutes 2016

BCC MINUTES 12th January 2016

BCC MINUTES 9th February 2016

BBC Agenda 08032016

BBC Agenda 12042016

BBC MINUTES 8th March 2016

BBC MINUTES 12th April 2016

BBC MINUTES 10th May 2016

BBC Agenda 14062016

BBC MINUTES 14th June 2016

BBC Agenda 05072016

BBC MINUTES 5th July 2016

BBC Agenda 13092016

BBC MINUTES 13th September 2016

BBC Agenda 11102016


Minutes of the meeting on 13th December 2016

Agenda 14022017

Minutes of the meeting on 10th January 2017

Agenda 14032017

Minutes of the meeting on 8th November 2016

Minutes of the meeting on 14th February 2017

Minutes of the meeting on 14th March 2017

Agenda 22052017